Ark Server issues on PC

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  • Hello all! This is my first time renting a server for ark, and I'm having a tough issue. My server seems to be going down very in within a few minutes of me turning it on. I tried joining directly using both the provided link, and entering the information manually. but it says that my server is not responding. The past few times the server name and password even got reset to default!

    I'm sure I've saved everything, I've restarted the server multiple times hoping that it's a simple "turn it off and back on again" kind of thing.

    and I've reworded my google search a few times now, but I have no idea why it won't work.

  • Hello and welcome to the forums. Please submit a trouble ticket to Technical. You will find the link on the right side page. Take care and don't fret support is awesome and will have you playing in no time:)