Backup retention policy

  • All,

    I thought I could have a back log of backups as long as I don't exceed my 50GB of space. Yet, recently I noticed that my backups are being auto-deleted (i.e. not by me). I'm well below my 50GB of space, and my "oldest" backup is less than a week old.

    Anyone experience the same? What gives?


  • Hi, I am not sure what game you are referencing since the backups are on your server control panel. If you go to the backup section you should be able to restore any backup you have made. For instance, on my servers I normally create a back up when I am going to try something new. Backup, restarts are under the system tab. You can access your currentsaves on the main control panel. Take care

  • daenrys7 , yes, I'm familiar with backups in the control panel.

    My issue was I was doing daily backups and then stopped for a period of time. Again, well below the 50GB limit. I was like < 1GB.

    Then my backups were disappearing. I was not deleting them. Yet, something as automatically removing them. After submitting a ticket, the auto-deletion stopped.