Server Will Not Start Back Up

  • Created a server, worked fine after initially changing the settings as far as name, password, and such. Played with friends for a while. Decided to change the Skill Point amount because it takes a long time, and with only 3 people its going to be impossible to beat within 30 days at vanilla skill point gain. Stopped the Server, Changed the number using the arrows provided. And now the server will not start again. It acts like its going to start, then stops and goes back to offline.

    Any possible solution WITHOUT reinstalling and losing all saved game data? Doesnt make sense why this would happen, what happens when the game updates, auto update defaulting on, and then the server restarts? you lose all game data and cannot get it to start again?

  • Hello and welcome to GPortal forums. It sounds as though your server is hung. Please submit a ticket to technical so they can evaluate the back end processes. Take care.