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  • I cannot find info on how to install the ark api shop here. Can someone please help. I'm migrating my server and want this feature for my patrons.

  • I'm assuming you are doing your version of Ark using a PC, possibly XBOX. Reason for this is that those systems will allow Mods, while PS4 does not.

    If you go to this link:

    This actually has some instructions on how to setup the files you will need for your ARK server and then when you go into the Mods section for G-Portal, you should be able to port those mods into your game server for function.

    If there is something else you are needing on top of this, please feel free to ask and we can all work on this together.:)

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  • unfortunately currency shop isnt added through mods. its things that have to be added directly into the save files and installed. if i were hosting my server on my pc i could of had it done already unfortunately if i do that i cant play so its kind of a dilemma lol