Will we be able to change our ARK server's map to Extinction on launch day?

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  • Hi guys, my ARK group and I are very excited for the new ARK Expansion Pack that will be coming around in a few days. Can we expect Extinction to show up in the map drop down list when it launches on November 6? If it's unavailable launch day, how do we manually change the map in the ini to Extinction? Thanks!

  • I haven't asked that question. I did receive a response that you can select the map once it becomes available. The XBox and PS4 options will be available shortly after the PC release. Take care.

  • As far as I understand things, the Extinction items should download to each map type automatically, so when you load in, it should add the new dinos to that map you're playing.

    There is a chance you may have to reload your map to take on the Extinction items though, but we won't know for sure until launch day of the 6th.

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  • Im sorry, perhaps i should really phrase this better, what I am really wondering is just how to change the map manually without using G-Portals drop down menu. We want to get into Extinction ASAP when it comes out and if its not available on the drop down list i would just like to know how to change the map manually. Is there somewhere i can mess with the server's commandline?

  • Hi, according to all sources the developer (not GPortal) has postponed the launch. Extinction has been added to the drop down, but will not be available until the game developer releases it. Take care.