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  • Is there a way to request more for RAM allocation for your rental server? I host a 20 slot Conan Exiles server on Xbox One and I believe that the instability of my server can be directly attributed to the extremely high memory demand of this game. Currently my server's RAM sits at 8.00+/6.00 GB (but will never go past 8.40 GB demand) and after restarting the server the memory demand will run at 3.00+/6.00 GB and jumps past it's memory allocation as soon as more than 6 players log onto the server.

    So either the game is experiencing a serious memory leak bug or the server hosting the game server is completely inadequate. I was considering upgrading to a 40 slot server due to the popularity of my server, but this RAM issue is causing all sorts of havoc with the game.

  • Hello HBuddha,

    This may be related to a known bug issue with the CPU and RAM readings. Sometimes they are not always accurate, and sometimes they are not present at all. This is known though, and is being worked on as we speak. I don't have an ETA at this time due to testing and other items, but something should come about shortly I'm sure.

    There were some update related issues with Conan that were preventing people to connect at all, and a lot of people who could, would get rubber banding and other lag issues.

    Still open a ticket to the Support group so they can add it to the list they send to Funcom. I hope your issue gets sorted quickly! :thumbsup:

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  • This has got to be the only place that does not tell you how much RAM per server your getting before you pay. 8 gigs of ram is not enough. It is not comparable to prices I have seen elsewhere , that's for sure. Is there not a listing of RAM per server slots? Do you get even get more RAM for paying more? I find it odd and a bit shady I can not easily find that information when its typically listed on every other server host.