Can't find my server in ARK pc

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  • Im new and how do I enter my server? the join link doesn't work and no matter what I cant find my server in game. I've established y check boxes to show password protected games and went to unofficial. I paid 15$ for this and i'm going to be very upset if this doesn't deliver. I've spend the last two days trying to create my own server without luck only to cave in and rent a server to avoid this mess in the first place. I need help. Please.:cursing:;(

  • Hi 718466, I have loaded ARK on a server to test the join server link. It did work for me, it took some time to advance from the white screen page to my server. I believe its because ARK has a lot of resources to load. You can also copy your server IP and direct connect. Take care and welcome to the GPortal forums.

  • Adding on to daenry7s and her awesome advice

    Take in mind yes load time REALLY gets horrendous sometimes. I've had to wait 20 minutes sometimes, usually after an update. (wanna git me sum dinos, hurry da heck up!)

    Now take in mind too, if you just bought the server, while it takes very little time for the server to come to life, the connection between your server and Wildcard Studios might take a bit longer. Wildcard needs to confirm the port connection before it works, which usually only takes a couple of hours. (still don't have mah dinos.......)

    If it comes down to waiting for a couple hours, or trying daenrys7's tips above, then please submit a Support ticket asap with the details of what's happening so the devs can check your server and connections better. (and then its YAY! DINOS!)

    I hope this helps and you get to capturing dinos soon!

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