Recent Update to server caused it to disappear!

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  • Just as the title of the thread says, a recent update shut down my server around 11:30 pm EST and did an update. Once done it has not reappeared in the listing even though it is said to be online. After giving it another hour and a restarts we still cannot find it. I also reinstalled the server twice now, resigning to restart the game from scratch again just to be able to play.

    I am not sure if anyone else is having the same issues, because a lot f the servers on the list I have seen are still up and functioning.

  • I'm having the same issue. I got offline about 10pm EST last night, so I'm unsure if my server did an update. It says it's online, but since this morning it will not show up in the game's browser on either of my Xbox's. I've restarted the server probably a dozen times to no avail.

  • I'm having the same issue, and it started at the same time. I have opened a support ticked but so far it's gotten nowhere. They've poked and prodded my server, tried restarting it a few times. I'm just replying here so that others know it's not just them.

    My server doesn't show up for me or any of my friends. If it keeps up I'm going to lose my coop players, which means I definitely wont be needing a server hosted next month, which means g-portal won't be getting my money.

  • Just out of curiosity what are your server names? Mine is "Zertopia". It is password protected but would one of you mind searching to see if you can see it where I cannot?