How to save server data to replace it with a different server?

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  • When the new map comes out for ARK we want to take down a server and replace it with the new map, but we want to save the previous map date (Ini, all info on the map including dinos and buildings, ect). How would we go about doing so? And how would we add it back when we are ready to do so?

  • Awesome question!

    So from my experience with ARK and changing realms here is what I found works for me, it might be something different for others.

    I do a Backup for my server, and take note of the date, time, world, and other specifics for me to have as a reference later if I want to reload that game.

    I then make sure my ini files are copied and saved to a notepad or other doc type in case I need to reload them.

    I have The Center, Ragnarok and Aberration maps to do this.

    When I want to reload a previous map, I make sure to redo a backup of the one I am currently on, delete any old one, then reload the other map.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Is there a way to copy the backup or rename it so it's less confusing? I know Extinction is around the corner and since we got the pass back when Aberration came out we really want to play it. Just want to make sure not to lose the previous world in the process.

  • Yeah I'm totally hyped about the new DLC!

    Totally wanna see if they keep the Titans in play and try to tame one! :) I will enjoy dying lots I'm sure!

    Unfortunately there's no way to rename the backup file to be more specific. You have to take note of it and track that separately in some fashion.

    I've got a little tablet dedicated to just this cause. And when the wife moves it, i have stuffed animals ready to throw.:P

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