PS4 ark - Weak Spawns

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  • Hello,

    So, I'm managing my brothers server for him, and I'm looking through, and I don't want to mess up the server for him.

    The dinos and animals spawning in seem to be too weak to him, he always sees lvl 10-20s, however he's rarely seeing anything higher, is there a way to raise the spawn level ratio so that some more slightly higher guys spawn in?

  • Yes in the server settings wild dino levels are set by game difficulty offset.

    To make dinos spawn in at max official level set the difficulty to 1. Here is a good explanation from the developer.

    Now when you set those that will only apply for new spawn dinos. You will have to do an "admincheat destroywilddinos" to wipe all wild dinos in the world so the start spawning at the newer levels.