Custom Loot crates?

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  • Well there's a couple of settings you can use for this actually.:)

    Awesome questions btw;)

    There are the following 2 items to adjust for Loot in general:



    Now the first one affects the types of fishing loot you get natch, but from what I've seen from others, it seems to affect the loot crates you find under water. And those all tend to be the Red ones, so GOOD STUFF!

    The second one affects all the land loot stuff. Now here's the thing with this though.....Whatever level you set this too, will significantly increase the amount of resources needed to create or repair those items. I have mine set to 60 which pretty much means the only way I'm making stuff is with a mount since they have 300 slots.;( I've essentially made the creation stations obsolete8o

    Now another thing you can play with too to alter the BPs in the those creates can also be 'tweeked' a bit using

    This site lets you generate mod files for the game ini file for general items but you can also use the generator to make adjustments to the BPs as well.

    Hope this helps!

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