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  • My son bought a server from my phone and i need my money back for a bill


    Unfortunately theres nothing that can be done from the forums, youll need to login to the dashboard here ->

    Click "Support" then "Write Ticket" with the information you mentioned here (maybe a bit more detail) and the Support Team should be able to help you out.


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  • Note to parents, lock your phones and don't allow your children to have your passcode. I don't allow my children to use any of my devices or accounts. They have their own which I strictly monitor and control. I hope you get it resolved. Take care.

  • I paid for a server from G-portal so i can play Farm Simulator 19 on my Xbox One and was told that G-portal don't support Xbox at all.. I have asked G-portal for a refund but still haven't got it.. I did what they asked and it's like they don't care. Please Give my refund back.. Thank you