Cross Ark Transfer Has Been Broken For Nearly A Week

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  • Our cross ark transfers between 3 servers has been broken for WAY to long. This issue needed fixed quickly and has not been fixed as of today. Several tickets have been submitted on this matter and we keep getting the same response of try it now. That is unacceptable as sometimes trying it now causes all character data to be lost. When trying to transfer people are getting the create new survivor screen and are not able to download their character. SOMETIMES they are able to go back to the server that they were traveling from and able to get the character back, other times it is totally lost. FIX this issue G-portal. Very unsatisfied with the level of attention that this matter is receiving.X(

  • Hello SilverStar,

    Sorry to hear you are still having issues with the cross-server issues and ARK.

    Please take in mind a few things with this issue:

    1) The version of ARK run via G-Portal is done through Steam.

    2) Ark developer is working right now to making the game cross-platformed on their server side. This means that all rental companies like G-Portal, Nitrado, etc. are going to be experiencing issues with moving characters and dinos from one server to another. But this also means that pretty soon here, you will be able to play with others from PS2, to X1 and also console games.

    At this time about the only thing you can do is to keep going through the ticket process to get the techies from G-Portal to keep in communication with the Ark dev team to lock down the cross server issues.

    I've noticed there's been issues with Ark a bit more since they opened the new Conquest servers on the 27th also. So be aware of those possible issues as well. Not sure if that is impacting the servers also, but maybe?

    I definitely suggest keeping up with the Support tickets though so they can keep pestering the Ark Dev Team to get the cross server items sorted out.

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  • What makes me angry is that support saying that it is fixed when it is not. They need to be honest, step up, and say that the problem still exists and that they are still working on it. Don't tell customers that it is fixed when the issue is definitely still there.

  • Yeah I understand. Been there before myself on a few occasions.

    I think where the disconnect comes into play is that whoever you deal with look at their stuff, and go, 'Yup! all good here!' but don't take into account that even though their systems are working within the proper modes, they may be missing that the company they are hosting for is having issues and not relating to that part of things.

    Sorry for any confusion and delays on this issue though. It will definitely get passed along to see about making things better in communicating things out to everyone and get things repaired in a more timely manner.

    I've been dealing with various ARK issues now for over a year. This cross server thing has been a royal nightmare for pretty much everyone.

    About the only thing we can do is keep getting screenshots of the issues and sending them up to let Wildcard Studios know they need to get a better fix on things for those of us renting servers to play the game.

    G-Portal from my experience really does try their best to get things going on their side. If you keep pushing the tickets, they will reach out to the devs at Wildcard and send a batch of the tickets being seen so they can address the issue on their end.

    I really do apologize for any undo stress, but I do feel your pain, as I've had it happen many, many, MANY times to myself as well.

    I hope all goes well with your dino hunts though and you all get some awesome dinos!:thumbsup:

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  • I did find out some details from the Wildcard boards:

    We're currently looking into an issue with Character Transfers through the CrossARK System. We're aware when connected to an Official server, after attempting to join a new one with survivor, it takes you back to the original server. We're also aware of an issue on Unofficial PC hosted servers where clusters aren't correctly displaying for one another and are looking into this as well. We suspect these problems have been caused by some of the more recent changes to the server session list, to resolve some crashes and make it a lot more fluid.

    We'll be rectifying this as soon as we can and hope we're able to get a patch out for this on Monday (as it would have to go through cert, with it being too late to submit right now).

    A temporary work around which will work for Official Servers is, after conducting the transfer process, when you've loaded back into your original server, instead of hitting 'spawn survivor', press Start and exit to main menu, then join the server you want to play on, and from there you can download your survivor.

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  • No I noticed it. There just hasn't been any movement on the issue.

    Anyone adding thread to the forums is having them merged to that primary thread still by the mods over there.

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  • When you go thru that thread you will notice the Mod that was updating it and posting kind of let it die out. I don't think the person who started that thread is with Wildcard any longer though.

    You will see people are still trying to get Wildcard to address the issue.

    I do have a ticket submitted though to see if there is anything more current.

    If I get any response, I will definitely post the results here.

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