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  • Hey Gorgrak

    I noticed you know alot about Ark and giving tips I'm very new and would love and appreciate any helps or tips you can give me.

    Is their a way to message me or Facebook me

    [email protected]

    Thank you

    You should rather post your questions on the forums, as the given answers will help others down the road. Private support is bad for a community!

  • If someone has specific questions, by all means, ask. If its done in private, I have no problems creating threads to address it to a general forum for people as I've done previously.

    As Cible mentioned though, it does help everyone out though to post things in the proper gaming thread so it can help the masses. I have a lot of tips and tricks, but there are plenty of others around doing ARK, Conan, Atlas, etc. that might have some tips and stuff I'm not privy to.

    I'm not perfect. I don't know it all. And good gawd would that be boring if I did! ^^

    I'm actually working on some things to help everyone out but won't be ready until springtime.:(:saint:

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