Players waking up to everything missing off their body

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  • Over the past week there have been multiple players report to me that when they "wake up" everything off their bodies is missing. Their bodies are kept in a secure place, away from windows and other player access. Some of them even within multiple walls/foundations.

    No- there are no admins going and stealing anything from them!

    Has anyone experienced this!? It is starting to become super frustrating!

  • Hi 591838,

    Welcome to the GPortal forums. This sounds more like a glitch/bug to me. I would check the system logs. I have read in the PS4 forums that stuff disappearing was related to a game bug. I will keep looking.

  • daenrys7 is correct.

    This is a known bug that randomly affects all characters in a game.

    If you are having issues with this causing you to lose items, here is the workaround for now on this:

    Remove all items from your character and place into a chest. Ideally you will want to hide the chest if your game allows for visitors, or make a rule about looting chests from other players.

    Also submit a bug report ticket with G-Portal and with Funcom so they can add you to their list of bugged players so they can get an update out to fix it.

    I lost some REALLY nice armor due to this bug ;(;(

    But at least i had enough to make more :P:saint:

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