NEW [WUA] US West Scum Server [9/9/18] PVP/PVE Events 3x Loot, 2x Animals Friendly Admins

  • Hi everyone,

    We just created this server and are hoping to start a competitive community. Once we have enough people, we can set up monthly, or even weekly (depending on # of players) giveaways for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Help us grow this community while this game is still young.

    Server: US West PVP/PVE Events

    Loot: 3x

    Animals: 2x

    Puppets: 1x

    Mech Dmg: 1x

    Server IP:

    Friendly admins, speak multi languages, very helpful (Admin positions available)

    Besides no hackers, only 1 other rule.. Survive at all cost. Hope to see you there!