[5x] Rise Of An Empire RP server!

  • Join in on the fun! Fresh server, Gladiator arena fights, quests with rewards, hidden loot, admin shops, currency and more! Friendly admins as long as you respect the rules of RP. Keep it fun for everyone. Message Gnarly-Keel for more! :thumbup::)

  • Rise Of An Empire RP server set-up

    GP = Gold Piece

    SP = Silver Piece

    10 SP = 1 GP

    Starter pack:

    - 500 GP to start if you can reach us at New Asgarth!


    Dye = 1 GP or 10 SP ea

    T4 Structures = 2 GP ea

    T3 Structures = 1 GP ea

    T4 Fighter/Archer Thralls = 400 GP ea (100 gp each level)

    T4 Worker Thralls = 200 GP ea (50 GP a level)

    Silent Legion = 600 GP ea (PVE USE ONLY)

    Legendary Weapons = 2000 GP ea (traded in for 1250 GP ea, same for skeleton keys)

    Epic Flawless Armor sets = 300 GP ea (traded in for 150 GP)

    Epic Flawless Weapons = 300 GP (traded in for 100 GP)

    Flawless Armor/Weapons = 150 GP ea (traded in for 75 GP)

    Exceptional Armor/Weapons = 100 GP ea (traded in for 50 GP)

    Black-Ice Tools = 50 GP ea (traded in for 25GP)

    Obsidian Tools = 70 GP ea (traded in for 35 GP)

    Land Claim = 10,000 GP & at least 5 guild members. (Land claim gives you the right to sell everything listed above, but you must build a shop, tavern and a bank)


    1 - Treat your character as if it were your own life.

    2 - No PvP in silent legion gear!

    3 - You can craft your own currency, and find your own legendarys but cannot trade them outside of the land claim system!

    4 - No Racism/Sexism!

    5 - RP strongly encouraged! Voice or text, discord set up soon!

    Arena system:

    - Gear is provided for your first fight.

    - Can fight PvP, or have thralls fight with bets of coin on who will win!

    - Winner best 2 out of 3 takes home 100 coin! (50 coin a win)

    - Loser recieves nothing!

    - PvM matches cost 100 GP to sign up, Last standing out of 5 wins 500 gold (your 100 gold back, and the gold the other participants put in)

    JOIN TODAY! :thumbsup: