Xbox One Ark survival

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  • I have multiple questions hopefully someone can informed me on the correct responses first question I'm trying to rent a server for Ark survival for the Xbox One unfortunately when I look of the G portal I only see Ark survival and Ark survival PS4 I don't know if this means that they yet have not updated their software to include the Xbox One is there any information that can answer my question and if so I would love to rent an Xbox One server my second question I do not have a PC or a tablet would I be able to perform all the tests to run a server off an Android phone Samsung Galaxy Any information provided To This question would be greatly appreciated:thumbsup:

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  • Answering the last question first.....

    YES! You can most certainly manage your server with an Android phone. I do it all the time with my S8+.

    Now for the first question, you would actually setup the server through the XBOX setup and get it connected via MS Store.

    Now for setting up the server with G-Portal this video kinda helps with that:

    I hope you get going soon and have fun!

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  • So Gorgrak can I run a Xbox One server for Ark survival evolved this other guy telling me that I can't

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  • I'll do some checking and see what the whole setup is and update here shortly.

    Far as I know, people are setting up PC servers and then syncing with an XBOX account with them via MS.

    Now the part about trying to connect and cross play with PS4 or Steam I know doesn't work, but let me find more details on using the XBOX version of ARK and get back to you.

    Give me like 24 hours or less for an answer please.

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  • Ok I checked things out a bit further for you P!k@@b0 and found the following:

    I was TOTALLY incorrect in this, so big apologies!

    So it looks like G-Portal is supporting the Steam version of Ark and not the MS version.

    As you don't have a PC, you wouldn't be able to download the version of Ark meant for the play.

    If you were able to do so (just so others know as well) you can manage any server rental via Android phone accesses.

    Sorry about the incorrect information, but I do hope you are able to go tame some awesome dinos soon! :)

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  • There would be business reasons why Microsoft wouldn't let Steam in the door. It looks like they are trying to do exactly what Steam does so in effect Steam is their competition. Honestly, I have the Microsoft store turned off on my PC. Maybe if I ever purchase an XBox I would use it but at the moment I'm comfortable without it.