Conan server mod list error for everyone

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  • Ever since the morning update Today no one is able to get on my server because the modlist is out of sort but they are exactly the same we've tried restarting the server, we also reinstalled it also reinstalled games and mods nothing is working plz help.

  • Hello gportal_788784_US and welcome to the forums. GreyAngel is correct. If you can't get on the server after the game update; then you are going to have to target the offending mod. There may be many ways to do this, I find it much easier to uninstall all the mods and then install them one at a time until you identify which one is not up to date.

    Often when the game update is released the developers kit is not released at the same time or the author of the mod hasn't gotten around to updating their code. I believe if you take the above mentioned action that you will identify which mod isn't current, can uninstall it/them, and be back to enjoying your game. Please let us know if we can be of aid and take care.

  • OK so i uninstalled all the mods it worked fine than i went through each one to see what wasn't compatible and got rid of them than noticed one of the mods that isn't "compatible" was running on a different server with the same mods i have is this only my server experiencing these problems?

  • I haven't heard of that issue happening yet, but it could be something that we might want the techies to look in on.

    If you could, I would highly recommend getting some screenshots of what you are seeing and submit a ticket to the techies to have them look into what and why this is happening to get rid of any overlap like that.

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  • Hello bdog,

    Here's what I think, whatever server that mod is running on has not updated. I believe that is possible, to not update your server and stay with a particular build. I know in steam you can do the same with your games. You can select what build or version to run, even betas and experimental builds. Do you have autoupdate checked (enabled)?