Cross-Travel not working (with mods)

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  • Hi everyone! I've been playing on Aberration for the last month or so and wanted to try Cross-Travel to The Island. So I opened a new server with The Island, copied the config files from Aberration to The island (with rates and stuff) and enabled Cross-Travel (with a Cluster ID that I wrote). I also added this mod to help with transfers from Aberration (screw the surface).

    Once both servers were updated and running, loaded Aberration and began transferring my stuff (in Ark Data). Clicked on "Transfer to Another Server" and selected The Island server. But once loaded in, I can't download my survivor! Can anyone help me?

    If you need to know which mods I'm using, here is the Collection.

    I don't know what information I can provide to help me further, but both servers are on G-Portal and in the same Cloud.

  • Hello king_numsgil,

    Welcome to GPORTAL forums. The only thing I didn't read in your description is that you found a supply drop and selected transfer. Did you do that? The link doesn't tell me the specific mod you are using. It brings up the entire workshop page. I will keep checking.

  • I was using this one, but removed it to test if it was causing an issue. We tried using a supply drop but it's the same thing : select the server, but once on The Island I can't download my survivor. I tried finding a supply drop on The Island and transferring to Aberration and it's the same.

  • Hi King, I know I have downloaded my survivor. So I tested it again, there is an option from the character creation screen, you also have to have the setting to allow download allowed in your server settings as well.

    I also found this in Gamepedia "Note: The process has been simplified even further. Survivors only need to place items in the ARK DATA inventory, and log off their current map. The game will do the rest for you"

    Transfers can not be done from PvP to PvE or from Single Player to Official or Unofficial to Official.

    Take care:)

    Valar Doeharis...D7

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