future Updates for Conan Exiles

  • First Post, I was wondering with new updates coming with the new religion and new system mechanics will we have to reset our servers? was asked by players on my server and I wanted to ask you all the same question.

  • Hello and Welcome darwinrocks,

    Map resets depend on the magnitude of the update. So far I haven't had to wipe my map due to a patch. I have chosen to wipe a map, or had to disable some mods that were not up to date though. I would suggest making a backup of your map just in case.

  • Map Updates = Shutdown the server for about 10-15 minutes then start it up again. Next to no issues with updates doing this process.

    Other updates = They seem to occur every Thursday for fresh updates and bug fixes. Again restart your server every Thursday afternoon for good measure seems to avoid issue with Conan servers.

    Set a save time for a regular save now and then doesn't hurt either. ;)

    All game mechanic issues tend to be part of the Thursday update. They will do immediate updates for more critical issues, so be ready for system resets in that case.

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