• Just got a conan exiles ps4 server and I'm very confused. I can't seem to edit the server name to find it in the server list or setup an admin password, server password, nothing. Even I click the settings it doesn't actually let me change anything. So I thought maybe I should add a server like the email said that I'd be able to. Not only do I think that this would be adding an entirely new server, but it doesn't even let me... I select the server type I want and try to add the correct 20 slots it wants but theirs no way to actually change the slots to 20.. so idk, I'm very frustrated that nothing seems to work.

  • Hello 689174_US,

    Thank you for joining us on the GPortal Server. What I know is there is an app that you use on PS4 to manage your server settings. Also, there is a slight delay from that app because the server and PSN must sync. If you don't have resolution by the time you read this post, please open a support ticket with technical support. Thank you, take care.