Purge Settings

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  • This is a VERY GOOD question!

    Well these are kind broken at the moment and not really accurate..but if they were to work fully here's how it goes:

    The Purge Restriction deals with WHEN the Purge will start on a weekday which I believe happens around midnight on that day.

    For the Purge Start Time option, this is the exact time when you want to have the Purge start during the Purge day. If this is set to a 0 time then it goes to the default time.

    So basically you would set the Restriction setting for whichever DAY you want the Purge to being or it is on default. Purge Time is what Time during the Purge day that they Purge begins the timer.

    I hope this helps and you have a fun, safe time playing!

    Don't forget, IF Purge goes off for you (I have yet to get Purge to work for me lol) you are supposed to be able to capture NAMED THRALLS which are some of the best thralls in the game. So keep an eye out for them!

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  • Hi:) The window of time I've set during the week day as an example: Restrict purge between 0000-0400 and Weekday start would be something like 1800-2345. So the purge won't start during 0000-0400 and the purge meter fills between 1800-2345.