Server not showing up on unofficial Ark list

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  • Hey all.

    I recently have made a PVP Aberration server for Ark and while I can join the server by adding the details through steam, the server name does not show on the unofficial list. I have tried enabling, disabling all the search options and still nothing.

    Generally I am searching under Maps: Aberration, Game mode: PvP, Sort by: Name.

    Session filter: unofficial

    The other boxes unticked.

    The server has no password to log in.

    My servers name is "Azarrahk - Oceanic Aberration"

    EDIT: Friend linked me this, apparently my server is showing up as German?

    Please help me,


  • Hello Scrubkitty,

    I haven't set up an ARK server, but in Conan on the server basic settings page there are options for Regions, try changing the region from German to your desired region. If this doesn't work or you don't have that option in your settings; please put in a ticket to support. They will resolve the issue. You can put in a support ticket from the GPortal server control.

    Valar Doeharis...D7

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  • Yeah your friend is looking at where the server host is located.

    Try doing what daenrys7 mentioned with changing your region in the Server settings.

    Now chances are if you are showing German, when you purchased the server it was for the Europe side and not US West/East. If you want it to show as US based, then you may need to have a ticket opened for them to transition your server to being a US based setting instead of a Europe setting.

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