server non responding

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  • recently purchased a new server, and for the first day everything worked great, however ever since then only myself have been able to join the server. Anyone else who tries gets hit with a "Server not responding" notification. The server is modded with about 10 mods, I am just wondering if maybe thats an issue, or if anyone else has a solution to this matter.

  • Hi aj11x7, welcome:) First off mods do play a part, it doesn't sound like that is a problem. If the mods are a problem the game will return a different warning. One thing to check is... do you have a maximum ping set up in your configuration? Also in configuration, have you limited joining your server to certain regions? Are there any settings you have changed recently?

    Feel free to respond back to this post or if your answer to my questions above are no, please open a support ticket. Take care and have fun!

  • Hey deanrys7, I appreciate the response so soon! so in terms of your questions, max ping is set at 0 and all regions are open to join as well. Most settings haven't been modified since the server has been launched. The only thing I set up after was a password to join, but i took that down and have left the server open to anyone. Thanks for the help again and take care, I'm opening up one here soon and if I find out what it is, I will be sure to share the info.

  • So i decided to disable and enable all of my mods and found that 1 of them were causing the game to struggle due to the inability for bodies to disappear, causing the server to not respond for some reason and now others can join! Again thanks for the help!