I need help PLEASE!!!!

  • Can somebody please help me!? I’ve been emailing support back and forth all day long and they have not been any help at all whatsoever, which is very frustrating.

    Last night I used the GPortal app on my Xbox one to create an account and rent an Xbox server for Conan Exiles. I received confirmation emails for my account, as well as a confirmation email for my rented server. I can find the server just fine in the game and my password works as expected.

    Where the issue lies is it appears my server is somehow under an anonymous account with a completely different customer ID. When I rented the server last night it brought me to the Xbox Web Browser where I could adjust the server options, refresh, etc. That is how I saw that it was under this randomly generated anonymous account. The issue is I can’t log into that account to access my server. Not to mention when I input the log in information that I created last night it tells me that it’s not even a valid username.

    So now I can’t log into the account that hold my server and wouldn’t be able to renew it or anything. I have given tech support my customer number that I was emailed, the customer number of the anonymous account, my server name, anything I could. But they can’t help me at all whatsoever. I understand there is a language barrier, but this getting to be ridiculous. Can somebody please just give me access to the server that I payed for????

  • I have somehow managed to log into this anonymous account. So anyone on here can disregard. I am still unable to log into my account through the Xbox application. I also don’t understand why the username I submitted and received an email confirmation is one thing, but my server username is this random account.

    At least I can log into this account now and restart my server etc. However, there appears to be some sort of error happening between the application and the servers. I just so happened to catch the fact that it was a different username last night. Something is flawed.

  • I am not the strongest on XBOX anymore ;(

    I'll check around and update asap unless someone else has some feedback.

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  • Hi anon_522982. I am happy that you figured it out. So can you not log in and change the name. One other thing comes to mind....did you do the verification/ confirmation email. Either click the link and be redirected or copy the link from the verification email and paste it into your browser. Just a thought.