Stuck on updating again for the 4th day out of 7

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  • This is...upsetting. I should get my money back or free time added to my account. At least two days myself and my people on the server can't play. My questions is...why? i'm going to lose people playing on my server. Today the server went down at 2:30 and now its 7:38 and still not up. Also daenrys7 don't bother to do the same copy paste crap answers unless you're going though what I am. Do not close this thread either or dislike it. I'm so fed up with this nonsense.

  • Ok saw this was closed, most likely due to the flaming statements against daenrys7.

    Now couple reasons I re-opened this one before closing again:

    1) Issue wasn't really addressed

    2) It is NOT okay to insulting someone in forums at all

    So on Number 1:

    If you are having issues with the server operating then your only recourse is to create a support ticket so the techs get the notice for them to look into things and fix them. Posting you have an issue into the forums resolves very little a lot of times. Besides, the majority of times, their response is going to be like I said, "Submit a ticket." But it won't be as cordial or friendly as mine or daenrys7's as they are working VERY hard at fixing things for all to enjoy playing the games.

    On Number 2:

    Please avoid making ANY flamatory remarks or statements against the Mods or others who are offering advice or assistance. We do so on a voluntary basis and are only trying to help you all out and let the techs focus on working on the issues instead of having to watch the forums to find issues to fix. Now that is said, this thread is now going to be closed again.

    Sorry, had to pipe in since this one actually upset me a bit since daenrys7 is a volunteer like myself and she is VERY helpful and kind. Someone can scold me later on for this, but I'm still going to help you all, as will everyone else, to the best of our ability! ^^

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