ps4 ark can I keep my character and change maps

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  • is there anyway to do that but I wanna make sure I dont loose my data from my server I just wanna play on a different so I can unlock other engrams like tek I really need some help ;(

  • I backed up my data but what I was tryin to figure out was that on my current setting on my server If I was to just change the maps from aberration to ragnarok will my character just travel once I changed the map ?

  • Hi Ivastly, From what I read in the link I provided up top, you have to move your character and dinos if you desire via the beacons or obelisks. Make sure you store your items. Please read the link again and let me know how it goes. I haven't done it yet, but many say it works just fine.

  • If you change maps on your personal server, then yes, you will lose all items and dinos.

    If you are going to another person's map, then you need to import that character you want to use, into their server. But that is only if they have that option allowed.


    Definitely go to the link that daenrys7 and I have showing and go through the step by step BEFORE you do the move as things can go wrong and corrupt the profile you are trying to import.

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