Anyone know how to add mods to a hosted server?

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  • Hello,

    with DNL, now with mods, I am currently wondering if anyone knows how to add mods to a hosted DNL server, do just the computer need the mod?, and for the hosted server, what settings do I need to change if any on the configuration file do I need to change to say have "enchanted buildings" mod work on it. thank you for any advise

  • The computer and the server need the mods, You will have to upload them via FTP until we add mod support. As we currently do not offer it, but have been looking into it, But that also depends on the level of interest the game picks up now that it offers mods

  • I am trying to mod my g portal dark and light server but nothing shows up in game. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong please?

  • Hello 176817 and welcome to G-Portal forums. I haven't played or modded that game, I do want to help. There are a few ways of modding your games and that depends on the platform. G-Portal does offer tools that can assist, STEAM does as well.

    First, the mods have to be on your PC, using the FTP you can upload the files via FTP. Your FTP server information is located on the G-Portal server control panel. If DNL is similar to Conan, you can select the mods in the mod section and save. If you are changing settings load the configuration file from the Configuration tab (if available) , make your setting changes and save. Please let me know if this helps. Take care.