G-force or Nitrado server PC & Xbox

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  • I have a pc and a friend has an xbox... I have seen videos of people creating dedicated servers on their own pc and playing from Xbox but I am curious...

    Can I rent a server and play from my pc and have my buddy play from his xbox???

    Thanks for any insights / advice

  • Hi irwinan, so far what I find on this question is: NO. Not sure of all the mechanics, but it's not just g-portal, from what I found the option isn't available at all.

  • daenrys is correct there.

    Conan is not cross platformed..yet. From what I gather, Funcom was looking into the options for PC vs consoles, but I don't think anything is coming of that at this time.

    You basically control server operations from the PC side but the actual gameplay itself is going to be dedicated to ONLY being PC, XBOX, or PS4 on an individual basis. There has been a lot of chatter and speculation on Conan going cross-plat, but nothing for certain at this time from Funcom on that.:(

    Awesome question though irwinan!

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