servers are locking people out

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  • The servers are locking specific people out, many people are unable to log into the servers for many days even though the ping and numbers are showing correct on the server and everyone is also able to log into other servers and play without issue, its only the servers that are played on regularly. Host has closed connection is what its saying and the fact its only on specific servers says it is your servers. Is there a black list for the servers? its not ping related either because the pings in most cases are well under 100. My server is us xbox 2725 but mine is not the only server experiencing this for days on end. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  • Hi Dieselhd, Please put in a ticket. For issues that are server related you need a technician to specifically address your issue. This can't be done on forums and adds to your frustration level because it increases the time to resolve. The admins, mods and players can't fix your issue so posting here only slows down the process. To put in a ticket, open the support panel and write about your issue. The ticket can be tracked and updated as needed until it is resolved. Thank you for being a valued member of our community.:)