Conan official #1813

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  • We have been having issues on conan official server #1813. For the past 4 days the server will go offline and remain offline for several hours. Multiple players are always reporting through the…HtljXIAXfH5E72Rg/viewform server report tool. We have made several threads on the official conan forums with no reply. Please let us know what is going on and if there will be a resolution soon.

  • Hi Jarod, I wish I had an answer for your question but I don't. What I can suggest is to put in a ticket with g-portal and ask your server admin to make backups. Does you server have a website or some means by which you can communicate with the Admins?

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, G-Portal does not manage official servers. All inquiries and concerns must go through Funcom. I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration.