Server permissions?

  • So lately, my Conan Exiles server has been stopping by itself once every few hours or so. I'm not going to enter a trouble ticket for this issue, as I already know this problem is epidemic throughout the game. I'm willing to wait until it is fixed for everyone. That's not what this post is about.

    Since I work and sleep in addition to playing Conan, and have server members in all kinds of time zones, I am unavailable to restart the server most of the times it decides to shut down. To address this problem I set up another Gportal account to allow limited access to the server controls, so other server members can get on and restart the server if needed.

    Here is the problem: There is no apparent way to allow "limited access" of any kind. When I add the account via the permissions tab, log out, and log back in using the new account, I find that it has ALL the permissions of my personal account, including the ability to remove my personal account from the permissions list, change all passwords, and totally take over the server. Of course I have not shared these powers with anyone, because I am not an idiot.

    Is there some way to edit which specific permissions an account can have? If the server is going to be down most of the time that I'm working or sleeping, our server community is going to fall apart.

  • Hmmm, that's interesting. I'm not sure about providing limited account permissions, but have you thought about setting your server to auto-restart after a stoppage? If you do that, maybe it will help. I think I will look into the permissions thing, though. Sounds interesting.



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  • Hey,

    We are hope to be adding watchdog back this week, it was causing a issue, So we had to remove it. :( And we are looking into ways to give limited access, or at least the ability to restart a server to other users if a owner desires