Anyone have a problem when changing settings her on the server setting and it not changing in game?

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  • I have been changing my hunger and thirst drain multipliers to make it drain slower, however when I go on the server in game, the settings in the menu show 1.0 which is the normal setting. It says 0.1 on the server settings here online though and it doesn't translate over to the actual server. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • I've had the same issues with my server and doing this as well.

    It seems there is a slight disconnect between Funcom and the servers since you can also do the override in the game itself if you give yourself Admin privileges.

    Here's a couple of things you can try to sort it out.

    Give yourself Admin privileges in the the game and adjust the multiplier after you have the admin setup.

    Make sure you Save when you make the changes in the Basic Settings tab. If you don't get a message about the save completing, it may not have saved the changes properly.

    You can also go into the ini file and make the change. Go into the Configuration Files tab, Select the serversettings.ini file and Load it. Go down the list and make the changes for thirst and food there, but make sure you hit the Save for it to go into effect when you start the server back up again.

    Hope these suggestions helps! :)

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