Unable to connect to server after adding mods

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  • I used the interface to enable a couple of requested mods on the server but when I try to join the server it says pending connection failure: could not connect to server. Your modlist doesn't match the server modlist. Please enable only the following mods , in order: nothing shows but I have an ok button then it sits and says connecting waited 15 minute but nothing. Any help would be appreciated as this is the first mods I have attempted for the game.

  • I take it you are PC users: So the trick is to get the mods in the correct order. I use the panel under basic settings. Scroll down then move the mods accordingly. I messed up my server panel and can't recreate the steps until my ticket gets a response. So I can't do a step by step walk through.

  • Thanks for the advice I Was not aware that I needed them on my local copy . Other Games I have set up dedicated servers did not require that. once I installed them on the local and then activated them on server 1 by one I had to rearrange the order on local copy to match server then I was in business thanks.