Ylands server are now available at GPORTAL


You can rent your very own Ylands server to play with your friends to explore new worlds! Use the included toolbox to create your own game. Do you want to build a Jump&Run game or a car racing game? Just do it in Ylands.

Rent your server here: www.g-portal.us/ylands

The next big Bohemia Interactive game is called Ylands, an awesome sandbox game with really special features.

Ylands is a new survival game with greate creative aspect, which are outrageos. You can nearly do anything in this world. Collect a bunch of materials, build ships and sail to foreign islands. You want to build your own town? No Problem. You want to dive to the ground of the ocean and find treasures? Be careful, dangers lurk everywhere

Create your personal game

You can even create your own games. With the help of a special toolkit you will find everything that you need to create a very unique gameplay for you and your friends. On your server at GPORTAL, you can build nearly anything. Invent your own racing game or an actiongame. Do you like Jump an Run? Just start with a small one and develope it as big as you want. Just build everything, that comes in your mind!

Bohemia promises awesome features in the future:

  • Modding support
  • NPC which live in your own world
  • animal companions
  • complex machines
  • robots which can be programmed
  • many more features for the creator mode, to build even more complex games


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