The Vikings are back: Rune II


Stop Ragnarok together with your friends. Journey into a world full of legends and stories. Create your own god and find Lokis stash.

Almost 20 years ago the Rune series made its debut. The Viking saga continues with Rune 2 and you can go on expeditions with your friends. Create your own character and explore the Viking world full of dangers and adventures.

A hostile world

On the exploration tours you will meet bandits, giants, dwarves, Surt Warriors, the Forsaken Einn Warriors and Draugr together with other Vikings. You have to be careful of the last mentioned! In return, you and your friends can expect legendary treasures and valuable artifacts. You can use the treasures you find to develop your character and make it even stronger.

The goal in Rune II

Together, you'll go in search of the key to Loki's hideout. Ragnarök - the end of the world - has broken out and only together with your friends you can prevent the downfall. With the power of Loki's artifacts, time can be turned back to prevent the end of the world. To access the artifacts, you must find the key, defeat enemies, and battle your way through an unreal world. Only by working together Ragnarök can be stopped.

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RUNE II Trailer


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