The Mean Greens Server available now at GPORTAL


Small, green mini-soldiers with a big impact. Who does not know the toy soldiers from his game box in the 90s? Even in the days of Toy Story, we were pleased that the little guys came to life. In the 3rd person shooter The Mean Greens you slip into the role of a toy soldier, who faces the big battle Green vs Tank.

The Mean Greens is not an unknown title in the gaming world. Launched in December 2015, the game has enjoyed great popularity for more than three years and is now open to private servers. The biggest addictive factor of the game is the absurd perspectives that arise when you move as a mini soldier next to everyday objects in oversized size. Anyone who believes to thaw a T-Rex toy as quickly as possible in a freezer would be hard to beat for strangeness, who should challenge their opponents in an oversized aquarium. The perspective you take as a mini-soldier in this game could not be funnier. But see for yourself:


The gameplay is easily explained. You can compete against each other in a battle with a maximum of five players per team and fight through the different game worlds. You are already tingling in your fingers? Then go ahead! Rent your game server and put yourself in miniature back to your child's room.


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