RUNE II Update: The biggest adventure ever awaits you!


The new "Lazarus Update" for RUNE II is a complete revision of the Viking epic. Besides a revision of the progress there are new villages and villagers. For several months the developers worked continuously on the update and the improvements that came with it. The new update will be released on 01.05.2020 and is free for all players.

The end of the world: Ragnarök

You and three other Viking friends can avert the end of the world - "Ragnarök" in the Co-Op. Fight together against giants and other mythical creatures of Nordic mythology and face Loki in a final battle. Only you can avert "Ragnarök"!
On your journey you will receive support from the Nordic gods: They will support you in battle with their abilities.

Looting or crafting?

Do you choose the mighty flaming sword of your opponent or do you want to forge your own two-handed sword? In RUNE II you have the choice!
Weapons grant you further abilities - a two-handed axe gives you a higher defence and a faster attack speed.
If you prefer to avoid close combat, you can use the tried and tested bow, which also has passive abilities. Which ones? Find out together with your friends in the "Lazarus Update" of RUNE II!

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