Rent your Staxel-server at GPORTAL


Plukit invented a new farming-multiplayer-game, which is published by Humble Bumble. This game unites Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Harvest Moon. You can rent your own server at GPORTAL now.

Order here:

Once you start the game, you get an introduction from the first villager. You will meet many NPCs, which will share some nice tasks with you. It's worth it: the rewards will be awesome. You don't even have to complete the quests alone, ask your friends to join your own GPORTAL server and they can help you online.

 The first villager will lead you to your own place: a little farm outside the city. There you can start your adventure in Staxel. You can plant fruits, vegetables, care for your animals and rebuild your place, like you want to.

 The world is a voxel-based sandbox world. You can change everything. It is easy to install mods and there are plenty of settings in the webinterface to make. Start your customized adventure on your own GPORTAL server.

For more infos, have a look at the official website or in the official launch-trailer:


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