New ARK DLC Extinction is now available on all servers!


The long awaited third expansion Extinction is out now along with a new map and new feature. You will be located on a well-known planet: the Earth! The world seems really familiar but also very different. Do you have the ability to survive at home?

Along with the new map there is the biggest challenge already waiting for you: Gigantic Titans (desert, forest, frost, sky) are roaming the earth and want to take you life.
Besides that, Extinction is packed with new features like electromagetic waves, meteors and orbital supply drops.
Of course there are new and unique creatures like Enforcer, Scout or the Snowowl. Additionally, there are corrupted variants of already existing Dinos.
Find out what else is awaiting you and order a server at GPORTAL.
Take a look at the new trailer to see the new features: 




Rent a new ARK server and play extinction at the 6th of november:
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