Insurgency: Sandstorm Server - available today at GPORTAL


We have a hot tip for FPS fans: Insurgency:Sandstorm. Server for the sequel to the popular game Insurgency are available at GPORTAL. Meet your friends for an epic fight in the dessert.

Get your Insurgency:Sandstorm-Server here: 


The game Insurgency finally gets the deserved sequel. Thanks to the UT 4 engine, the game looks great and the atmosphere of the Middle East is perfect.

Your friends and you can connect and do missions on foot or by vehicle in this tactical FPS shooter. But your opponents are not sleeping. Tactically advance one step ahead of your enemies, react quickly to their actions and win the victory.

On your GPORTAL server you can influence the game to your liking, invite your friends and just play.

Get your informations about Insurgency:Sandstorm on the official website today:  or in the trailer on YouTube:


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