Farming Simulator 2019 Server available now at GPORTAL


The time has come! The new Farming Simulator 2019 will is released. Rent your own GPORTAL server and play with your friends.

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Get ready, dear farmers! After two years of waiting, you can finally return to work on your farm. The successful farming simulation finally gets a successor!

In the Farming Simulator 2019 new maps, new animals and new crops are waiting. Lovers of the vehicles also get their money's worth: new brands find their way into the game and the new machines with the newest technology are just waiting for you to be tested and used.

The gameplay is still familiar. You start on your farm, plant your fields and work to earn your money. Of course, you do not have to play alone on your own GPORTAL server. Invite your friends and work together!

You want more information about this great game?

Visit the official website today: 


or watch the official E3 trailer:


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