Farming Simulator 19 - for free from 30.01.2020


The Farming Simulator 19 enjoys great popularity. From 30.01.2020 gets into the game in the Epic Games Store free for PC. The offer is limited in time.

The fascination of the farming simulator never stops. Over the last few years a large fan and modding base has built up around the game. Developer Giants Software continues to develop the game and new DLCs are released regularly.

Over 300 original vehicles with accessories are licensed and will help you work in the fields, animal husbandry or forestry.

The basic game is free for 7 days from 30.01.2020 on in the Epic Games Store. Get the Farming Simulator 19 and play together with your friends on a GPORTAL server.

To buy the game from the Epic Games Store, you will need a free account with Epic Games.

Farming Simulator 19 for free Epic Games Store

Rent your own Farming Simulator 19 Gameserver

Farming Simulator 19 Trailer



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