ECO server – now available at GPORTAL!


In ECO you manage a complete ecosystem by yourself. Will you be able to save the planet and survive with your friends?

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The company Strange Loop Games invented ECO with a very unique gameplay. Your task is to save the planet and keep it in balance.

But be careful! Every action will influence the whole ecosystem on your planet. If one species dies out, the basis for other species may be destroyed. Will you be able to respect and maintain this balance?You start as a normal worker and with the help of your friends, you will be able to build a whole world.

You have the access to many informations about your world. Your task is to study these and think about, what you have to change, that everything is stable and in balance. Invite your friends to your own GPORTAL server.

Rent your server at GPORTAL today. Full Prepaid and flexibility. The servers have a high perfomance and are very easy to administrate. What are you waiting for? Build your own world and start playing ECO.

You will get more informations on the official website and here in the official trailer:



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