Certified REND server are available at GPORTAL


Three factions, brutal fighting and the ascent to Valhalla. Frostkeep's new multiplayer game takes you to Midgard. Are you going to survive?

Rent here: www.g-portal.us/rend 


Make friends with your friends in Midgard today. REND is Frostkeep's new multiplayer survival hit. Fight for survival in one of the three factions. You can improve your character, take careers and help your friends. Regularly you have to measure your strength with your opponents.

Make your character unique with the skill system. Only with combined abilities can you defeat your enemies and the lurking monsters.

Will you win in honor and rise Valhalla? Or will you fail? Find it on your GPORTAL REND server today.


Get even more information, pictures and videos on the official REND homepage: https://www.rendgame.com/  


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