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Battalion 1944 is the new FPS shooter by Bulkhead Interactive. Dive into the second world war atmosphere and have epic fights against the enemies on the battlefield.

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Battalion 1944 is a the new shooter game by Bullhead Interactive and is a successful World War 2 shooter. With popular elements from CoD and some from MOH, the game is a mush have for CoD players.

No matter if you like to play Capture-The-Flag or a classic 5vs5, enthusiasts of that genre are completely welcome and really won't be disappointed. On relatively small maps you confront your enemies pretty fast after the round has started. Every player has to cooperate with its team - without that your team will most likely lose.

The graphics from the game are based on the popular UT4 engine by Epic Games. The depressing atmosphere - just like in WW2 - is pretty well implemented into the game by the developers and you dive directly into the atmosphere.

On your own GPORTAL server you can customize the gameplay and atmosphere of the server and set it up just how you want it. Your server is easily managable in our own web interface and you have many options that you can change with one click. Even inexperienced players can set up a server within seconds without knowing much about servers.

Rent a Battalion 1944 server today and start your match!


More about the game here in the video:


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