Atlas Servers - from 2018/12/21 at GPORTAL


It's time! Studio Wildcard is bringing another promising game to ARK. Atlas is a pirate MMO and will captivate you for a long time. Preorder the Atlas server today to get it as soon as it is released.

(Pre)Order here: 


You always wanted to be a pirate? Wildcard released the game Atlas for you. You can build your own fleet (from players or NPC). With this fleet you sail through the huge game world, find treasures, fight against monsters from the deep and defend your reputation against opposing players.

With your own GPORTAL server, you have no limits to your creativity. You want to build peacefully, steer the ship of your dreams and operate only PVE? Then set a password and no stranger can enter the server. You want to build a big community? Modify your server and invite new players to you.

You want to know more about this great game? Look at the official trailer here: 



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