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The American Civil War is the settings in the new game War of Rights! It is a fresh alternative to the WW2 and future settings. The Cryengine is used by the developer Campfire Games to create the game in the Maryland Campaign of September, 1862. The immersiveness is a very important aspect of the game.

Choose your desired class and military grade!

Command chains play a big role in War of Rights. Not only is it important to choose your military grade such as General, Major or Captain, you are also able to choose a class like Private or Flag Bearer. Depending on your choices you have different kind of tasks on the battlefield. You want to command a regiment? Choose Captain! You want to be a simple soldier at the frontline? Choose Private! Or do you want to command the whole army? Then play as General.

In a few minutes to your own War of Rights server!

With the GPortal Gamecloud you can play War of Right immediately. After selecting the desired slots and time periods, the server will activate and preinstall itself. Contracts or subscriptions do not exist, everything is prepaid! You can also change the server in you Gamecloud, if you want to play a different game. No further payment needed. That provides the highest flexibility!


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