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The Forest Server hosting

  • 10-64 players
  • Instantly online
  • Easy webinterface to manage the server
  • 100% DDOS protection
  • Accepted Payments: Paypal, Paysafecard, Creditcard
  • Up from 3 days run-time
  • Fast Server-Hardware with SSD hard drive
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Easy and fast hosting of a The Forest Server

The Forest - instantly online, preinstalled and no holding time!

The Forest combines two of the most successful genres: Survival and horror. The game throws them together to a very unique ingame atmosphere. After a plane crash in a forest full of cannibals and worse you have just two goals: survive and find your son. With almost three million sold copies on steam is The Forest one of the most successful games and now you can finally play the long awaited multiplayer mode on dedicated servers.

The survival horror warhorse now as multiplayer

You already noticed: The Forest has a much deeper story as many other games of the genre. The Game is thrilling and is waiting with shocking explorations. With a The Forest server you gonna get a full day and night cycle, classic base building on day. But as soon the night comes the pure horror starts. Fight or Hide, that is your decision. The Forest server provide longterm fun. Also the fanbase is huge.

Rent a The Forest Server - in the game cloud!

The Forest servers offer space for up to 64 players, but the whole server is already alive with 10 players. You can rent your The Forest server without waiting times, the whole is based on a prepaid basis. You can pay over Paypal, Paysafecard, immediate transfer or credit card. For users from the Netherlands or Poland, we also offer The Forest Server via the online services iDeal and przelewy24. So no subscription contract, no long waiting times, just immediately online and at any time switchable between the various games of Gamecloud. If you don't want to play The Forest anymore you can switch your server easily to a Conan Exiles Server or Ark server. The next weekend you wanna play The Forest again? No problem, just switch back again. Full flexibility and instantly online, those are the The Forest Servers from in the gamecloud


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154 reviews